Maintain & Manage your website like a pro

CMS Websites

CMS (Content Management System) websites are empowered with plenty of features, majorly the website owner / admin can manage and maintain the website on their own. For any business which requires frequent updates of information, products and prices, latest news and events or portfolio management, then CMS Website is the best choice. It gives the freedom of updating content to the website owner without having to rely on a website designer every time and also Easy to use admin interface as it requires no software skills .

What you will get?

  • Fully user managed website
  • Content, images and also new pages or postings can be added from the customer end itself
  • Menus and sub menus can be added by the site administrator itself
  • Products can be added by the user under any category or sub category (requirement dependent)
  • Each product will have individual page with its images and product descriptions and enquiry button (requirement dependent)
  • Products can be searched easily by keywords, type, category and so on (requirement dependent)
  • Contains news module for updating latest news/events, upcoming events or testimonials
  • Easy to use admin interface requires no software skills
  • Any number of pages and products can be added without limitation
  • Admin users and sub users can be created with rules & restrictions
  • Search engine friendly architecture helps the site to get indexed in search engines faster